Dakota was a smallish terrier mix, a bit wiry-haired, presenting some challenges in implementing the quilt design. He had one blue eye and one brown eye. I used thread painting to add white highlights to his coat. This dog rode shotgun with the owner’s husband (a truck driver) and was a beloved member of the family.
Private Collection
16 x 17 3/4 Inches


  1. Susan Reichardt says:

    Yes. Dakota was well loved. He was half Jack Russell and half Australian Shepherd, and he lived until age 18 and *never missed a day of work*. Carol captured his sweetness in this quilt. The *bone* hanging from his collar said “Co-driver of the year” and was awarded to him at the trucking company’s Christmas party. He was very special to very many, and we are so thankful that we had this quilt made.

    Carol Deards is a remarkable artist. Not only are the quilts so life-like, but they capture the personality of the individual animal. I wish I had one of every pet I’ve ever owned.

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