New Beginnings

2014 flew by almost before I knew it. Time. So precious and so relentless. It seems to slip by ever faster as the years go by. My time, caught up in the workaday world, left little energy for art in 2014.

My commitment this year: balance

So, I start again with this blog and my art. I have a portrait nearing completion and will be sharing it soon. Creating it has involved new learning – how to create pieced diamonds and much thought about how to quilt this background to enhance the portrait. Always so important.  I have taken Craftsy classes to aid technique and find I enoy this learning, done on my timetable. The classes have been great.

I have fallen in love with hand-dyed fabric for my backgrounds.  I love the way the colors flow and the uniqueness of each piece.  So this portrait has hand-dyed fabric cut and and pieced to emphasize the portrait. I discovered things get a little dicey when you should have had more than one yard of the fabric. I’ll know better next time.

But now, it’s time to take Chloe and Monique for their walk.  There’s nothing like a pair of dark brown eyes and a pair of golden eyes to motivate one to the appropriate action.