This dog caught my attention on Facebook. Her owner gave me permission to make an art quilt of her English Springer Spaniel Roxie and provided the photograph upon which this quilt is based. I thought this dog had the most soulful eyes as well as beautiful markings.
24 x 30 1/2 Inches


  1. I’m the one who sent Carol the picture of our Roxie for her quilting project. Even though I had seen some of her other dog quilts I couldn’t have imagined how amazing this quilt turned out to be! She captured the heart and soul of Roxie so beautifully. Roxie can tell us so many things with her expressive eyes and I’m amazed that could be transferred onto a quilt.

    Our Roxie is a precious member of our family and everyone who meets her falls in love. We also own her niece who has provided us with a gorgeous litter of puppies who have now found their own families to love. See website above for more beautiful springer pictures.

  2. Oops, I think the email might not have shown.

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